Learn the Power of Nutrition For Milk Supply

Struggling with milk supply, and stuffing your face with all the lactation cookies is stressful and unhealthy. This mastercourse will take you through the power of nutrition for breastfeeding, and how to use nutrition to transform your milk supply. Nutrition can reverse hormonal imbalances, stabalize blood sugar, reduce bloat an water retention, give you energy, and most of all, allow your body to create all the milk you need.

5 Possible Reasons your Milk Supply Is Low

Your hormones are out of wack, and need to be balanced through proper nutrition

Your blood sugar is on a rollercoaster, pushing hormone levels up and down

Your cortisol (stress hormone) is too high, limiting oxytocin release for lactation

Your body is missing key nutrients required to properly produce breast milk

Postnatal depletion from a difficult pregnancy and labor

All of these issues can be helped with the proper diet and nutrition to help your body function optimally!

Exactly What To Eat To Increase Supply

You will learn exactly what and how to eat to increase your supply, and how to correct some hidden reasons your milk supply is low.

Emergecy Milk Supply Foods + Recipes

Emergency foods and recipes that will increase your milk supply fast, so you can ensure you always have enough for baby.

28-Day Delicious Meal Plan + BONUS Macro Plan

You will have no questions on what to eat! A 28-day meal plan with recipes all mapped out for you. Follow this plan to increase your milk supply, increase your healthy and get the energy you need.


Reviewed by Nutrition and Medical Professionals

This mastercourse is not your typical eating plan. This course has been reviewed and approved by nutritionists, lactation consultants and nurses to ensure the content and information is top notch. There is no other nutrition course that will increase your milk supply this fast by a simple nutrition plan.